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who are we?

air cargo expertise, brought together

We have a great deal of experience providing all-round consulting in the cargo aviation industry.

Our aim is to provide services from A to Z, by bringing all experts together and acting as a one-stop-shop, assisting you in completing all challenges ahead.

Our network of professionals is perfectly equipped to provide tailor-made consulting, all under one roof. And if we don’t have the designated expert in our team, we will use our network to do our utmost best to find him/her.

We are based at Liege Aiport, Belgium (LGG/EBLG) but we can assist in all neighboring airports or worldwide.  

Cargo Tarkmak Aviation

our areaof expertise

Below an overview of the services we offer. The air cargo industry is a very diverse business. Therefor we do not limit ourselves to the services below. We are ready to adapt to the specific needs you might have. Should the needed expertise not be present in our portfolio, we will use our network to find the exact specialist needed to meet your demands.

Aviation Consulting - Tarmak Aviation

Aviation consulting

Our extensive background in air cargo operations makes us very suitable to assist with your needs in all aspects of the cargo aviation industry. Filling in the gaps you might have is our specialty. We are skilled professionals ready to face all challenges on the ramp, in the office, onboard or in the warehouse. 

Loadmaster B747 - Tarmak Aviation

Loadmaster Services

We can provide highly experienced and trained loadmasters to take care of your flights or cargo, anywhere in the world. Non-standard cargo is our forte, whether it concerns flying loadmaster services, outsized or specialised build-up or base coverage, we can do it all. Our focus lies on ‘the Queen of the Skies’, the Boeing 747. Other aircraft types can also be covered.

Dangerous Goods - Tarmak Aviation

Dangerous Goods

Tarmak Aviation’s professionals are certified IATA DGR specialists. We have experienced team members with IATA Class 6 and 10 certifications able to assist with all DGR related challenges. Does your team need DGR Training? We have DGR Trainers available as well.

Auditing - Tarmak Aviation


Our team of auditors can perfom audits both internal and external. The auditing team available is certified in performing audits in Ground Ops, Flight Ops, Maintenance on EASA and IOSA level. 

Supervision & Charter Coordination - Tarmak Aviation

Supervision & CoOrdination

Your cargo, operations, aircraft or turnaround might need a pair of professional eyes on the ground or onboard. We can assist with warehouse supervision, charter supervision, turnaround coordination, cargo build-up and station representation.

Training & Maintanance - Tarmak Aviation

Training solutions

The certified instructors in our team can provide professional training for your staff. Our trainers can develop training material based on your needs and corporate structure. Both ad-hoc and long-term training solutions are possible.

our values

safety is paramount

Safety is always paramount at Tarmak Aviation. Our professionals are trained in safety and will always adhere to the highest safety standards in operations. 

Always on time

Our experts will always do whatever is needed to ensure on-time departure of your cargo or aircraft. 

a passion for aviation

Our team consists of people with a heart for aviation. They will make it their personal mission to provide services of the highest standard.

tailormade solutions

The aim of our services is to be missing piece to your puzzle. We will design a package of services to exactly meet your demands.

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